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Frenchies Beers Tasting Notes

Core range beers


French Pils, 4.5%
Tasting notes: Our everyday brew has a delicate, dry and clean palate with fine carbonation. The body is smooth and the finish is light and citrusy. This crystal clear golden draught is a french pils in style using all french noble strisselspalt hops. Whilst light-bodied and very easy to drink, the Draught Pils still has a bold flavour that is dominated by a long lingering hop bitterness, which is so refreshing.
Food pairing: Burrata, shellfish and seafood.

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Frech Pale Ale, 5.0%
Tasting notes: Frenchies Pale ale showcases the newest French hop varieties. Its simple malt bill focuses on a delicious caramel malt backbone that balances the intensity of the hops. This pale ale is dry-hopped with the freshest French hop from the Alsace region. Citrus and flowers aroma greet the nose. On the Palate, more fruitiness comes through with citrus and lime rounded by the caramel malt. This is a big everyday pale ale.
Food pairing: Comté, Anything from the grill.

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Golden biere de garde, 7.2%
Tasting notes: Malty, complex and refreshing this Bière de Garde pours a deep gold colour with notes of bread crust, white stone fruit and spice on the nose. The lean body allows the smoothness of the malt to shine, finishing on a subtle fruit note.
Food pairing: Camembert, brie, white meat and poultry.

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Biere de garde, 7.4%
Tasting notes: Malty, complex and refreshing this Bière de Garde pours a deep ruby colour with notes of bread crust, dry fruit and spice on the nose. The lean body allows the smoothness of the malt to shine, finishing on a subtle fruit note.
Food pairing: light blue cheese, red meat, slow-cooked meat.

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Oud bruin, 7.6%
Tasting notes: Barrel-aged in French oak barrels formerly maturing Shiraz from the Bird in Hand winery in the Adelaide hills, this red ale has first been fermented clean in stainless steel with a mix of 2 yeast strains. At the end of fermentation, half has been transferred into barrels while the other half has been cool crashed and decanted before being transferred to barrels. Once in barrels, it has aged with Belgian lactobacillus, pediococus and brettanomyces. After extracting enough oak character, the barrels have been blended to reach the perfect balance. It is smooth and round with clear confit red berries character, toasted malt, oaky vanilla and funk. It is worth swirling and oxidating in the glass to release its full presence. This Beer is alive.
Food pairing: Red meat, bone marrow

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core range beers


Seasonal beers


Party lager, 5.6%
Tasting notes: This is a party lager, full-bodied, malty, hoppy super clean and crisp. We use the best Bavarian ingredients in this beer to go with a day-long feast of Pretzel, Bratwurst, and Beers!

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XPA, 4.5%
Tasting notes: This Double Dry Hopped XPA is juicy, floral, light and breezy. It is an all-day XPA suited for lazy long afternoons watching cricket, French cricket or crickets in the fields. Great aromatic hit that lingers well longer than the drink lasts.
Food pairing: Soft goat cheese, white meat skewers, fish, charcuterie


Raspberry season, 3.5%
Tasting notes: Oceanna is our brewer’s first daughter. She is half French, half Australian and half German. Some say it’s a lot of halves, others say it was just a crazy night. This pink Saison is made with Australian raspberries, French yeast and German malt. The nose is a punnet of fresh raspberries, the palate is light, dry and straight like an arrow
Food pairing: Ossau Iraty, crepes and red berries desserts

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Apricot season, 3.5%
Tasting notes: An Apricot is sweet, velvety, fresh and juicy. Just like the amazing little girl that inspired this beer: Lola, Aussie born with a twist of la France. Lola’s saison is made with fresh Australian Apricots and French yeast. The nose is a punnet of apricots, the palate is light, dry and straight like an arrow.
Food pairing: Ossau Iraty, crepes, wraps, pitas

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Brut IPA, 6.5%
Tasting notes: Bursting with juicy tropical goodness this Brut IPA is sparkling and dry like a Champagne. Imagine aromas of tropical fruits like passionfruit, lychee mango and pineapple in one refreshing and delicious beer. And like a Champagne it is to be enjoyed for any celebration.
Food pairing: Cantal, oysters

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West Coast IPA, 6.5%
Tasting notes: Once a year hops is harvested and sent to the brewers around the world. We have squeezed the essential oils out of the freshest hops to create the purest west coast IPA.
Food pairing: Cheddar, Pizza and pasta dishes.

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DDH IIPA, 8.2%
Tasting notes: This Beer is here for the Party! It is dry-hopped twice with 4 different hops that are part of Frenchies brewing history. Comet was our first star hops from our original Comet Pale Ale with its intense grapefruit aromas. The German Hallertau Blanc hops were the spirit of our Old World IPA, the first IPA we brewed as we opened. Riwaka is our favourite hops since 2019. We use it in many different ways across numerous beers. And finally Mosaic, it’s our Gypsy brewers favourite hops. We use it in almost every single beer that comes out of our brewhouse under different brands.
Food pairing: Red rind cheese, Spiced food and Asian cuisine.

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Seasonal beers


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Triple beer

Try Our New Beer – The Triple

At Frenchies, all of our beers are brewed in-house and developed to suit our bistro’s cuisine and all occasions. When making a new brew, we aim to highlight it’s natural ingredients and think outside typical beer categories. Our approach was no different when we created our latest seasonal offering.

Triple Beer frenchies-experience

Meet the Triple

This Belgian style Triple is brewed with 8 different grains. Its complex malt bill feeds a fruity abbey yeast, resulting in a strong deep golden ale with an incredible array of flavours and depth. Probably our most complex brew yet; it is re-fermented in the can for extra complexity. The Triple will be available at Frenchies Bistro and Brewery starting April 1st.

As always, we brewed this beer with food pairings in mind so come into the bistro to try it with fine dishes from our kitchen.

How we make it

Belgian Ales are all about fermentation byproducts. The selection of special strains of yeast and speciality malts shapes the soul of the beers. When we make them, the yeast eats the sugar from the malt and transforms it into alcohol and CO2. Each strain of yeast has its own characteristics, alcohol tolerance, attenuation, sedimentation, esters and higher alcohol production capacity.

The yeast strain we use produces the most fruity flavours at around 24C. Anything above becomes fairly spicy and below more phenolic, which can make the beer taste medicinal and off. This yeast has a high alcohol tolerance and ferments pretty dry. It also sediments quickly which makes it tricky for re-fermentation in the can.

Once packaged in cans, we have to turn the boxes upside down regularly for the yeast to get back in suspension. We also have to keep the beer at 25C for 6 weeks to stimulate the yeast, eat the rest of the sugar and carbonate the beer.

Malt selection is also critical to achieve the right flavour. At the start of the brewing process we mill the grain and mix it with water to achieve a 67C mash. At this temperature, the complex sugar from the malt breaks down into simple sugar. Yeast is only able to process simple sugars. So it is those sugars that the yeast will transform into aromatic compounds. The more complex the malt bill is, the more diverse the aromatic compounds produce during fermenting.

In our case, the malt bill is very complex. We use malted barley, malted wheat, malted oats and malted rye as well as unsalted and flaked barley, wheat, oats and corn.

Finally, to make things even more interesting, we add sugar to beer. This sugar will be completely fermented, making the final beer dryer while creating new flavour compounds.

It’s a long process – but we think it’s worth it!

The finished product

At 9% alcohol, this beer boasts rich and complex flavours while maintaining an incredible balance. This is thanks to the careful selection of the yeast along with the complex malt bill. The long fermentation and even longer re-fermentation in the can allows subtle aromatics to come through without getting any overpowering compounds.


Degustation Menu

5 Course Degustation Menu is the Best Way to Get the Full Frenchies Experience

If you’ve been to Frenchies before, you know that our menu is expertly curated by our Head Chef, Thomas. If you don’t already know him, Thomas is the world class French chef behind Frenchie’s produce-driven cuisine that showcases true modern French bistronomy.

Trusting the chef

The best way to truly experience Thomas’s style is through Frenchies’ degustation menu. Available for dinner only, this menu is the perfect way to discover Frenchies’ food and the city’s best produce. Thomas visits the markets daily, only choosing the highest quality ingredients to add to his menu that evening. By partnering with superior local suppliers, Thomas ensures he respects the produce while enhancing their flavours and textures.

Thomas also works with Vincent to pair each dish with Frenchies’ beer or wines.
If you’re looking for a night out with delicious fine dining paired with wine and beers, trust the chef with his tasting menu and you will have a true fine-dining French experience.

Chef Thomas

The tasting menu

The degustation menu includes 5 courses, for $75. You can add beer and wine pairings for an additional $40.
Dishes always include an amuse-bouche, 2 starters, home-made bread, seafood and meat dishes, and a dessert.

Frenchies Bistro and Brewery - Modern Fine Dining Frenchies Bistro and Brewery - Fraisieier

While the menu is always changing, these are a few of the dishes you might see on the Frenchie’s degustation menu:

  • Warm potato emulsion & Baeri sturgeon caviar, prawn oil
  • Hand picked mud crab, blue mountains pine mushrooms, lemon thyme butter, curry leaves
  • Grilled coral trout, macadamia & kholrabi purée, saffron emulsion
  • Callebaut dark chocolate, coffee, praliné cream Opéra, dark chocolate sorbet

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Blue Mountains Mushrooms

Autumn Mushrooms

Autumn Mushrooms Have Arrived in our Bistro

It’s starting to cool down here in Sydney, and with the beginning of Autumn comes mushroom season! If you’re planning on visiting us at Frenchies this season, there’s a very strong chance you’ll see mushrooms on our menu.

Thomas’s commitment to local produce

In our bistro we only use the highest quality, fresh and local ingredients. That’s why you won’t see mushrooms on our menu at any other time of year – only when they are in season.

Our head chef Thomas, works with a local supplier who cultivates high quality mushrooms in the nearby Blue Mountains. Every Autumn, Thomas visits his supplier to pick up the mushrooms himself. Since it only happens once a year, our kitchen team gets pretty excited!

Our menu is always changing

The first mushrooms of the year, our late summer mushrooms, will slowly start to appear on our menu in the coming weeks. They will be part of Thomas’s ever-changing menu that he bases on French bistronomy combined with Australia produce. Come by and try Thomas’s mushroom dishes before the seasons change again!

Degustation Menu Lamb Degustation menu crab

While the menu is always changing to suit produce availability, some former highlights include the dishes with mud crab and lamb shoulder.

The steamed mud crab is made with saffron milk cap lemon, thyme butter and curry leaves (left). While the confit cowra lamb shoulder is accompanied by carrot & ginger, pine mushrooms, wine jus (right).

Fresh Harvest Festival Shot from Above

Fresh Harvest Beer Festival

Due to the wake of the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are sorry to inform you we have to cancel this event.

Fresh Harvest Beer Festival at The Cannery Rosebery, April 18th, 2020 from 12 pm – 9 pm, $10 entry.

We’re thrilled to host the second Fresh Harvest Beer Festival. The event will see some of NSW’s most popular breweries showcase their unique beers brewed with freshly picked Australian hops. 

Stall holder yulli's brews

At this exciting event, beer lovers and the beer curious will be able to enjoy fresh hop brews, which are on offer only once a year. “Fresh hops provide a very different taste to beer, and due to the tight timeline of moving from farm to glass, fresh-hop beers are rarely produced,” explains Vincent.


“During the annual harvest, most hops are dried out in a process that extends their shelf-life but modifies their flavour. Undried hops are used within 24 hours of picking. They impart a fresher aroma that is more floral in flavour and texture. They truly make unique beers,” Vincent says. Each brewery will brew a new beer and release it on that day for the first time.

flower on the vine Fresh Harvest Festival

There will also be food stalls and live music, with drinks extending into the evening at Frenchies Bistro & Brewery.
Entry is $10. Tickets can be purchased here

Brewers Got Talent

Due to the wake of the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are sorry to inform you that we have to postpone this event. We’ll keep you updated with a new date when the situation improves.

Brewers Got Talent, our annual home-brew beer competition is back for the third year! On Saturday 28th March, at Frenchies Bistro & Brewery, from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Discover the brewing legends of tomorrow!

If you love tasting and discovering new beers, our Brewers Got Talent event is the place to be!

The event will feature 16 home-brewers, and you can try up to 36 brews in a variety of styles.

On Saturday, March 28th you can try all the home-brewed beers for just $15 (+ Eventbrite fee) and cast your vote for your favourite. The people’s choice winning brew will go home with plenty of goodies from Frenchies.

A professional judging panel will also evaluate the beers and award the grand prize. The winner will have the opportunity to brew their beer at the commercial scale at Frenchies Brewery and a mentorship program to launch their own beer brand!

To purchase tickets, click here.

Registration for brewers is now full. 

The prizes for the competition are: 

The Grand Prize (Judges Choice)
Brewing experience at Frenchies Brewery, brewing your own beer to sell on and mentorship program to help launch your own beer brand.

 Runner Up (Judges Choice)
5 Course Degustation Dinner with pairing Beers for two
$100 gift certificate from The Brew Shop

The People’s Choice (Public Vote)
$1000 Discount off your first commercial brew at Frenchies (does not include mentorship)

 People’s Choice Runner Up
A carton of Frenchies Beer
$50 gift certificate from The Brew Shop.





Frenchies Bistro and Brewery - Fraisieier

Valentine’s Day 4 Course Dinner

For Valentine’s Day, we have created a set dinner menu that’s perfect for two. Premium ingredients paired with classic French cooking techniques and our seductive flavours will satisfy your palate. Our beautiful dishes will elevate your romantic dinner into a night to remember with your better half.

Our set dinner menu is complete with 4 courses, and for a more exciting experience, you can add matching Beers & Wines to it.

Let us take care of you and your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

 Frenchies Bistro and Brewery - Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day 4-course Set Menu

Dinner only $75
Matching wines & beers +$40

  • King prawn maki, zucchini, mint, basil and smoked ricotta
  • Black tortellini, Nero sauce, cuttlefish and spinach
  • Roasted veal, kohlrabi and macadamia purée, native juniper jus
  • Fraisier: strawberry carpaccio, vanilla mousse and genoise biscuit

Book a table

T&Cs: All dietary requirements can be managed, please call the restaurant to let us know at least 48 hours before.
Set menu, bookings only. Mandatory $10 deposit per person.

2019 year in review

We have had many exciting life events, launches and successes in 2019. From weddings and birthdays all the way to beer launches and new degustations, it is safe to say that our 2019 was filled with happiness, joy and gratefulness.

We wish our Frenchies Family a Wonderful and Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.
At Frenchies, we have many exciting projects for 2020 and hope you’ll be there to take part!

Here’s a summary of some of our highlights this past year.

Frenchies Turns 2!

Frenchies _ 2nd birthday Thomas

We can’t believe we turned 2 in August!  For our birthday, we celebrated with a fabulous event filled with canapés and gougères by Thomas and a towering croque-en-bouche by pastry chef Celine. Vincent also marked the day with a special craft beer, the Double Dry Hopped Imperial IPA.


La Boussole

La Boussole was the first release from our barrel ageing program, it’s the barrel-aged version of our Astrolabe. This process helped refining the aromas and flavours of caramel, apple, rhubarb, cherries and malt.  The result was astonishing. We’ve only released 600 bottles. As it was a success, this year, we plan to barrel-age more of our beers.
More info about la boussole here.


Truffle Dinner Series

In August, one of the most prized and sought after ingredients, truffle, was highlighted for a dinner series. Chef Thomas curated an exquisite menu with items like foie gras mousse and beef short rib which was slow cooked and served on the bone with a truffle glaze. The entire menu was matched with wines and beers, including Vincent’s “bière de garde”, La Boussole.



We gave our own ‘Frenchies’ twist on Oktoberfest. We filled the event with gourmet but, authentic German food (Thomas handmade the bratwursts and currywursts himself) and craft beers. Vincent celebrated the occasion with a specially crafted Festbier, a party lager perfect for celebrations—prost!


Vincent’s Wedding

Frenchies Bistro and Brewery - Vincent's Wedding

Vincent got married to his longtime partner, Lorien. Lorien, who is also mother to his two kids, Flynn and Oceanna, looked as radiant as ever. As you can see, they got married on the beach with Thomas as a groomsman. We hope you can spot the Frenchies beers in their hands.
All the best to Vincent and his pretty family!


Modern Fine Dining

As Thomas decided to focus on fine dining and take Frenchies to the next level, the Start To Service team invited him to feature hi cuisine.
In the video, you can see how he creates his recipes, manages the intensity of service, and hear the story of how he became a chef…


Caviar Dinner Series

Frenchies Bistro & Brewery - Caviar Dinner Series

Chef Thomas sourced caviar from 3 different types of fish: sturgeon, salmon and trout. Specifically, he highlighted Neuvic Baeri, smoked golden trout and first harvest salmon caviar. All these in a 4-course degustation menu complete with matching beers and wines.


Lola Cauquil 

Early this year, Chef Thomas and his partner Ling welcomed a baby girl, Lola Cauquil-Ker…
Congratulations to the happy parents, the little princess will be turning one in a few weeks.


Bastille Day

Frenchies Bistro & Brewery - Bastille Day

The national day of France was, of course, celebrated with French flair. Chef Thomas designed a fabulous 4-course dinner reflective of traditional French delicacies like Cuisse de Canard Confit, Aligot de l’Aubrac (that triple cheese mashed potato, yes!) and Tarte Tatin.

Frenchies Bistro and Brewery - Modern Fine Dining

Modern Fine Dining

As is with most things, you live and you learn. Frenchies opened in 2017 and since then, we’ve learned what we do best.

We’ve decided to undergo a few changes that would provide a better reflection of the modern fine dining cuisine that Chef Thomas is so masterfully skilled at. To ensure that all of his attention, both conceptual and physical, is fully paid to the execution of a seasonal modern fine dining dinner menu, we have decided to close our early-week lunch service and focus on the dinner experience, especially the degustation menu.

This shift in our concept will not only allow customers to fully benefit from Chef Thomas’ expertise but, it will also enable Thomas to properly utilise his extremely talented team. Thomas hired chefs who previously worked at renowned Michelin star restaurants—this includes his pastry chef, Céline and sous-chef, Edouard.

Frenchies Bistro and Brewery - Modern Fine Dining

Additionally, Frenchies’ heart lies between Vincent and Thomas. Together their beer and food make up the soul of our restaurant. Our degustation menu highlights this and is the perfect way to experience what Frenchies is truly about. It is the best of Thomas and Vincent, combined.

Our degustation experience is a 5-course modern fine dining menu that’s carefully created to complement our craft beers or premium wines. With seasonal ingredients being the muse for these dishes, the menu changes frequently in order to highlight the best that the earth has to offer.

Franchise Bistro and Brewery - Modern Fine DIning

Along with the amendment to our lunch service comes a change to our opening hours.

From 3 December, 2019 they will be:

Monday: closed
Tuesday to Thursday: 2pm – 10pm
Friday & Saturday: 12pm – 11pm
Sunday: closed

We hope you join us on what is sure to be an exciting journey through a new Franchise food experience.

Frenchies Beer Awards

The Frenchies craft beers have been recipients of many awards over the last few years.
They’ve been recognised by both the national and regional institutions.
The Australian International Beer Awards which judges beers from all around the world and the Sydney Royal Beer and Cider show have recognised each beer in the Frenchies core range.

Here’s a listing of our awards by beer.

Pale Ale

Wetter than your first French kiss and brewed with more tongue-in-cheek, this passionate pale ale is dry hopped with the freshest French hops from the Alsace region. This beauty shows off colourful flavours of citrus and spring flowers. 

2019 Gold medal at Sydney Royal Beer and Cider show

2018 Bronze medal at Sydney Royal Beer and Cider show

2018 Silver medal at AIBA (Australian International Beer & Awards)

Frenchies Bistro and Brewery - Awards


Our everyday smasher is clean with a delicate hoppiness from the noble French hop Strisselspalt. This draught is perfectly balanced, like your love for footy and great food. This beer will accompany you everywhere. 

2019 Silver medal at Sydney Royal Beer and Cider show

2018 Bronze medal at Sydney Royal Beer and Cider show

2018 Bronze medal at AIBA (Australian International Beer & Awards)

Frenchies Bistro and Brewery - Awards


Malty, complex and enticing, this Biere de Garde pours a deep ruby colour. The nose is fruity and spicy. On the palate, the lean body allows the strength of the malt to shine with freshly toasted bread crust tones, caramelised dark stone fruit, spice and red berries. The finish is long and dry. 

2019 Silver medal at Sydney Royal Beer and Cider show

2018 Silver medal at Sydney Royal Beer and Cider show

2018 Bronze medal at AIBA (Australian International Beer & Awards)

Frenchies Bistro and Brewery - Awards


Malty, complex and refreshing, this biere de garde pours a light gold colour with notes of fresh baguette, white stone fruit and spice. The lean body allows the smoothness of the malt to shine, finishing dry and with a subtle fruit note. ”

2019 Silver medal at Sydney Royal Beer and Cider show

2018 Bronze medal at Sydney Royal Beer and Cider show

2018 Bronze medal at AIBA (Australian International Beer & Awards)

Frenchies Bistro and Brewery - Awards