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  • Kölsch

    • 475ml $8
    • 330ml $6

    Kölsch is a refreshing classic beer from the German city of Cologne, where our head brewer Vince used to study. This one is largely inspired from his favourite, the Mühlen Kölsch at Heumarkt, Cologne. It is brewed with the finest noble hops, blending there flavours with gentle malt notes and a delicate fruitiness from fermentation, it finishes clean and dry.

    The subtle maltiness blends with a light fruity flavour from the fermentation. This pale gold beer is clean and soft on the palate.

    Delicate hops offering floral and lemon zest aromas with a dry finish.

    Malt: Pale, Vienna & Wheat

    Hops: Hersbrücker, Perle & Tettnang

  • Golden Steam

    Golden Steam is a typical New World golden Pilsner using all NZ ingredients. This easy drinking lager is a balance between the spiciness of the Rye and the fruitiness of the kiwi hops.

  • Comet Pale Ale

    • 475 ml $8
    • 330 ml $6

    Comet is an old and wild American hop. It was used in lagers for its bold bittering properties but commercial production stopped in the 80s because of its flavours judged to intense. It is now making a come back in this big US Pale Ale, showcasing all its complexity. Ruby Grapefruit, Citrus, Earthy and spicy flavours are what you should expect of this light copper coloured Pale Ale. The simple malt bill focuses on a robust caramel malt backbone to support and balance the intensity of the hops. The Comet hops shows outstanding citrus flavours backed by complex wild notes of spice and earthiness. With a touch of centennial, the Comet shines brightly in this twilight coloured Pale Ale. Malt: Ale, Caramel & Crystal Hops: Centennial & Comet

  • Rye the red dog

    • 475 ml $10
    • 330 ml $8

    RYE THE RED DOG is an untamed 6.2% Red Ale. Brewed with the best Australian hops and malts it is rich in toasty and cacao notes. His adventurous and pleasant nature makes him a man’s best friend.

  • frenchies old world ipa 2016

    Old World IPA

    • 475ml $10
    • 330ml $8

    A very unique IPA. Golden in color, hopped with the newest French and German hop varieties. Juicy Mandarin, Spices and Sauvignon Blanc flavours. Very different to the usual citrus/piney IPAs! Bold and long bitterness that slowly builds up. 4 Hops: German Hallertau Blanc and Mandarina Bavaria and French Columbus and Triskel.

  • San Francisco Lager

    • 330ml $6
    • 475ml $8

    this is an amber lager, fermented with a hybrid yeast that allow us to brew a lager like an ale. this style originates from the love city of san fran and started the craft beer revolution in the 70s. it has a malty character with a bread crust flavour balanced by american hops. clean like a lager, strong like an ale.

  • Oceanna's Saison

    • 330ml $6
    • 475ml $8

    Oceanna is our brewers first daughter. She is half French, half Australian and half German. Some say it's a lot of half, others say it was just a crazy night. This pink Saison is made with Australian raspberries, French yeast and German malt. The nose is a punnet of fresh raspberries, the palate is light, dry and straight like an arrow.

  • Lapérouse

    • 475 ml $10
    • 330 ml $8

    BIERE DE GARDE is a style from Northern France, malty, complex, lean and very refreshing. Deep golden in color it exhibits flavours or malt, white stone fruit and spice . This is the kind of beer that would have been drunk in high quantities by the sailors of Lapérouse from Kamchatka to Australia. The legend goes that the beer took them of course and therefore reached Botany bay eight days after the first fleet.

  • Triple Verhaegen

    • 330ml $12
    • 425ml $14

    Francois Verhaegen was an early supporter of Frenchies who spent his life helping the sick and wounded. He also helped funding our Bistro and Brewery. He tragically passed away early October 17. This Tripel is a tribute to Francois and his Belgian background. Brewed with 4 grains malted and unmalted, this tripel has an amazing complexity both on the nose and palate.

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