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  • Kölsch

    • 475ml $9
    • 330ml $7

    Brewed with the finest German noble hop varieties, blending their floral flavours with a gentle malt bill and a delicate fruitiness from the fermentation - the finish is clean, dry, and deliciously refreshing.

  • Golden Steam

    • 475ml $9
    • 330ml $7

    The nose presents soft citrus, berries, and tropical notes due to the New Zealand hops Riwaka and Wakatu. The body is full of delicious fruity notes and has a slight spice from the addition of rye - the finish is clean and dry from the Pilsner malt and yeast.

  • Comet Pale Ale

    • 475 ml $9
    • 330 ml $7

    This American style pale ale offers big citrus aromas on the nose and has complex notes of spice and earthiness on the palate due to the generous portions of Comet and Centennial hops. The grapefruit like bitterness of the Comet is balanced with a smooth malt bill, creating a delicious hoppy pale ale.

  • Rye The Red Dog

    • 475 ml $11
    • 330 ml $9

    A delicious red ale pouring a deep red hue with notes of caramel and toffee on the nose. The body has an inital sweetness that is balanced by a high quality bittering hops and finishes with a distinct dry note from the addition of rye.

  • frenchies old world ipa 2016

    Old World IPA

    • 475ml $11
    • 330ml $9

    Flavours of berries, flowers, and a distinct but subtle sauvignon blanc nose from the unique blend of French & German hops. This is complemented by a balanced malt bill, high quality bittering hops, and the addition of rolled oats - leaving a smooth mouthfeel. A truly unique IPA, far from any New World IPAs.

  • Lapérouse

    • 475 ml $13
    • 330 ml $11

    Malty, complex, and refreshing - this Biere de Garde pours a deep gold colour with notes of bread crust, white stone fruit, and a spice on the nose. The body of beer allows the malts to shine thorugh with smooth, slightly sweet characteristics that finish leaving subtle fruit notes from the hops and a lean body.

  • Oceanna's Saison

    • 475ml $10
    • 330ml $8

    Pouring a delicate pink hue, this French saison greets you with a distinct allure of fresh raspberries on the nose. The palate is a beautiful balance of sweet, tart, and fruitiness. The tartness from the raspberries and saison yeast leaves a soft, dry after taste that is deliciously refreshing.

  • San Francisco Lager

    • 475ml $9
    • 330ml $7

    This Californian lager pours a deep amber colour from the Crystal, Munich, and Amber malts. The nose is filled with rich notes of caramel and toffee, balanced by the citrusy Cascade & spicy Northern Brewer hops. Fully flavoured like an ale - the finish is clean, dry, and perfect for any occasion.

  • Triple Verhaegen

    • 425ml $15
    • 330ml $13

    Brewed with both malted and unmalted grains, this Belgian style triple is complex in every sip. The nose has soft sweet notes of Belgian candied sugar, caramel, and Christmas dates. The body is a beautiful balance of malts, hops, and sugars which dangerously masks this beer's 9.7% punch.

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