Core range beers


French Pils, 4.5%
Tasting notes: Our everyday brew has a delicate, dry and clean palate with fine carbonation. The body is smooth and the finish is light and citrusy. This crystal clear golden draught is a french pils in style using all french noble strisselspalt hops. Whilst light-bodied and very easy to drink, the Draught Pils still has a bold flavour that is dominated by a long lingering hop bitterness, which is so refreshing.
Food pairing: Burrata, shellfish and seafood.

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Frech Pale Ale, 5.0%
Tasting notes: Frenchies Pale ale showcases the newest French hop varieties. Its simple malt bill focuses on a delicious caramel malt backbone that balances the intensity of the hops. This pale ale is dry-hopped with the freshest French hop from the Alsace region. Citrus and flowers aroma greet the nose. On the Palate, more fruitiness comes through with citrus and lime rounded by the caramel malt. This is a big everyday pale ale.
Food pairing: Comté, Anything from the grill.

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Golden biere de garde, 7.2%
Tasting notes: Malty, complex and refreshing this Bière de Garde pours a deep gold colour with notes of bread crust, white stone fruit and spice on the nose. The lean body allows the smoothness of the malt to shine, finishing on a subtle fruit note.
Food pairing: Camembert, brie, white meat and poultry.

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Biere de garde, 7.4%
Tasting notes: Malty, complex and refreshing this Bière de Garde pours a deep ruby colour with notes of bread crust, dry fruit and spice on the nose. The lean body allows the smoothness of the malt to shine, finishing on a subtle fruit note.
Food pairing: light blue cheese, red meat, slow-cooked meat.

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Oud bruin, 7.6%
Tasting notes: Barrel-aged in French oak barrels formerly maturing Shiraz from the Bird in Hand winery in the Adelaide hills, this red ale has first been fermented clean in stainless steel with a mix of 2 yeast strains. At the end of fermentation, half has been transferred into barrels while the other half has been cool crashed and decanted before being transferred to barrels. Once in barrels, it has aged with Belgian lactobacillus, pediococus and brettanomyces. After extracting enough oak character, the barrels have been blended to reach the perfect balance. It is smooth and round with clear confit red berries character, toasted malt, oaky vanilla and funk. It is worth swirling and oxidating in the glass to release its full presence. This Beer is alive.
Food pairing: Red meat, bone marrow

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core range beers


Seasonal beers


Party lager, 5.6%
Tasting notes: This is a party lager, full-bodied, malty, hoppy super clean and crisp. We use the best Bavarian ingredients in this beer to go with a day-long feast of Pretzel, Bratwurst, and Beers!

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XPA, 4.5%
Tasting notes: This Double Dry Hopped XPA is juicy, floral, light and breezy. It is an all-day XPA suited for lazy long afternoons watching cricket, French cricket or crickets in the fields. Great aromatic hit that lingers well longer than the drink lasts.
Food pairing: Soft goat cheese, white meat skewers, fish, charcuterie


Raspberry season, 3.5%
Tasting notes: Oceanna is our brewer’s first daughter. She is half French, half Australian and half German. Some say it’s a lot of halves, others say it was just a crazy night. This pink Saison is made with Australian raspberries, French yeast and German malt. The nose is a punnet of fresh raspberries, the palate is light, dry and straight like an arrow
Food pairing: Ossau Iraty, crepes and red berries desserts

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Apricot season, 3.5%
Tasting notes: An Apricot is sweet, velvety, fresh and juicy. Just like the amazing little girl that inspired this beer: Lola, Aussie born with a twist of la France. Lola’s saison is made with fresh Australian Apricots and French yeast. The nose is a punnet of apricots, the palate is light, dry and straight like an arrow.
Food pairing: Ossau Iraty, crepes, wraps, pitas

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Brut IPA, 6.5%
Tasting notes: Bursting with juicy tropical goodness this Brut IPA is sparkling and dry like a Champagne. Imagine aromas of tropical fruits like passionfruit, lychee mango and pineapple in one refreshing and delicious beer. And like a Champagne it is to be enjoyed for any celebration.
Food pairing: Cantal, oysters

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West Coast IPA, 6.5%
Tasting notes: Once a year hops is harvested and sent to the brewers around the world. We have squeezed the essential oils out of the freshest hops to create the purest west coast IPA.
Food pairing: Cheddar, Pizza and pasta dishes.

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DDH IIPA, 8.2%
Tasting notes: This Beer is here for the Party! It is dry-hopped twice with 4 different hops that are part of Frenchies brewing history. Comet was our first star hops from our original Comet Pale Ale with its intense grapefruit aromas. The German Hallertau Blanc hops were the spirit of our Old World IPA, the first IPA we brewed as we opened. Riwaka is our favourite hops since 2019. We use it in many different ways across numerous beers. And finally Mosaic, it’s our Gypsy brewers favourite hops. We use it in almost every single beer that comes out of our brewhouse under different brands.
Food pairing: Red rind cheese, Spiced food and Asian cuisine.

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Seasonal beers


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