Red Biere de Garde – Astrolabe – Frenchies

ABV   7.4%
EBC   35
IBU   25

Malt: Pale, Munich , Wheat


The toasted maltiness blends with the fruity flavour from the fermentation. This red strong ale is lean and malty on the palate.

Hops: Brewers Gold


Brewers gold hops deliver black currant and woody tones blending with the fruity esters from the fermentation.

Red Biere de Garde: Astrolabe

BIERE DE GARDE is a style from Northern France, malty, strong in alcohol and with a lean body to enhance drinkability. Dark red in colour it exhibits a toasty maltiness and caramelised flavours of dark stone fruits. This is the kind of beer that would have been drunk in high quantities by the sailors of the famous ship ASTROLABE who arrived in Australia eight days only after the first fleet.

Best with: Rabbit stews, Blue cheese, Welsh rabbit (caws-wedi-pobi). The juicy maltiness is calling for hearty dishes with loads of sauce.

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