Oceanna’s Saison

ABV   3.5%
EBC   3
IBU   10

Malt: Pale, Oats, Wheat


Hops: East Kent Golding


Oceanna's Saison

Oceanna is our brewers first daughter. She is half French, half Australian and half German. Some say it is a lot of halves, other say it was just a crazy night. This French style Saison is a punnet of fresh raspberries on the nose, while the palate is light, dry and straight like an arrow. Drink it like a sparkling rosé.

Best with: The fruitiness of the nose and the dryness of the palate balances perfectly creamy desserts like panacotta or rice puddings. But you can also try this raspberry ale with sweet and sour dishes or something savoury with a touch of sweetness like a duck mousse with juniper and port wine.

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